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Brendan James - Brendan James
Brendan James
Rock, pop
September 7, 2010 http
Track Listing
Nothing For Granted (4:13)
The Fall (4:24)
Anything For You (3:45)
The Lucky Ones (3:57)
Stupid For Your Love (4:04)
Different Kind Of Love (4:08)
Get It Right (3:45)
Changing Us (4:30)
Let It Rain (4:13)
Your Beating Heart (3:03)
Emerald Sky (4:22)
Coming Up ((3:55))
More Than This ((3:57))
Notes / Reviews

Brendan James is the self-titled second studio album by American singer-songwriter Brendan James, released on September 7, 2010. The album matches his previous success on digital download charts, climbed up to the top spot on iTunes Singer/Songwriter albums chart, #4 on Pop albums chart, and made it up to the top 20 (#13) on overall albums chart. It also reached #16 on Amazon Singer-Songwriter chart on its first day of release. Brendan made his first-ever appearance on Billboard 200 after debuting at #93 on the chart, with the strong sales in digital, the self-titled album also broke into the Digital Albums chart at #21.


Some artists name an album after themselves because they’re stumped for another title. Brendan James grins at this suggestion. “As a fellow musician, I definitely get that,” Brendan says, “but I actually had a good reason to do it. The album is self-titled because I feel like it’s my first recording that really showcases the different sides of me as a musician. It’s got everything from the mellow to the upbeat, to the somber to the unashamedly positive. My friends know me as the guy who loves to jump in the middle of a pick-up basketball game, but they also know me as the guy who needs to be reminded to stop spiraling when I start thinking about something too deeply. I have a lot of different sides and I wanted to make sure my music reflected that.”http


A singer-songwriter who accompanies himself on piano, James began writing the songs on his second album after winding up a year and a half on the road in support of his debut album The Day Is Brave, which was released by Decca Records in June 2008 and debuted in the Top 10 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart. Several of its songs were featured on various television shows including Private Practice, Bones, So You Think You Can Dance, and Army Wives. After releasing the album, James hit the ground running to support it from coast to coast. “I went to 40 states, ate at 330 restaurants, stayed in 210 hotels, and slept on one boat — John Mayer’s Mayercraft Cruise; I know because I wrote it all down,” James says with a laugh. The 18-month tour enabled James (whom Entertainment Weekly has called “A Songwriter on the Rise”) to build his fanbase the way many successful musicians have done before him: one room at a time, and he shares the fruits of that journey — renewed vigor, musical maturity, and even a new sound — on his second album.http

Music and lyrics

James and his producer Warren Huart (The Fray, Howie Day, Augustana) have emerged with an album that keeps the spotlight on James’ emotionally resonant voice and expressive piano playing. “First and foremost, it was important to me that the vocals and piano were up front,” James says. “Warren made sure that was his first priority. When it comes to the recording process, he’s a traditionalist, which is important to me because though I want my albums to sound current, I also want them to stay true to who I am as an artist?" http

"Aiding in delivering James' maturation as both writer and performer is producer Warren Huart (The Fray, Howie Day, Augustana), a skilled collaborator who obviously has a special gift in assembling uptempo mainstream pop tracks for mass consumption without sacrificing the earnest and serious-minded artistic center of each." —Direct Current Music http

Uses in media

*"The Lucky Ones" can be heard in the trailer for the Columbia Pictures release, How Do You Know, starring by Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd and Jack Nicholson.http

*"Your Beating Heart" was the closing song on in the season 8's episode "The Space in Between" of The CW’s long-running hit show One Tree Hill.


James scores his national TV debut on CBS Saturday’s Second Cup Café September 25th and is scheduled to tape a performance on The Rachel Ray Show in October

To coincide with the album release, Brendan continues his stint on the road with supporting popular pop band Parachute, John Legend and Grammy-winning singer Paula Cole, he will also co-headline concerts with Jason Reeves.


Critical response

The self-titled album has earned advance critical praises and positive reviews from most music critics.

"Finding that special not-too-sweet spot that lingers somewhere between hook-heavy, radio-friendly pop anthems and the art of critically credible, personal songwriting, Brendan James exudes a gracefully assured ease." "James' distinctly detached vocal delivery actually keeps the grander moments here in check, subtle cool shadings that keep the focus on the classic pop/rock melodies that burrow quickly into the subconscious. Highly recommended." —Direct Current Music http

"If David Gray's “Babylon” burned a hole in your CD player, tune in to James's rich, vibrato-tinged croon, which straddles postadolescent ardor and grown-up love on his self-titled disc." —The Oprah Magazine http

Andrew Leahey from Allmusic also gave the album a good review, saying "Produced by the same man who recorded The Fray's first two albums, the serf-titled Brendan James is full of pleasant piano pop, with nary an out-of-place note or flubbed chord in attendance. James is a natural assimilator, and both his songwriting and vocal delivery reference the likes of David Gray, James Taylor, and Coldplay. The result is a slick, lush album that splits the difference between adult contemporary and the sort of PG-rated pop that OneRepublic creates, with light electronics and computerized blips-and-bloops adding texture to the mix."

Dallas News gave the album a "B +" and says: "There's an old artistic soul musing beneath the 31-year-old body of this most engaging singer, songwriter and pianist. The 11 songs on Brendan James' self-titled second album nestle in a melodically soothing and lyrically thought-provoking bed that brings to mind classic pop singer-song- writers such as Carly Simon, Elton John and Billy Joel. James, particularly on tracks such as "Nothing for Granted," "The Fall," "Different Kind of Love" and "Emerald Sky," understands the heartfelt connection between adult emotions and indelible melodies. We get plenty of that here." http

Philadelphia Daily News gave the album a "B" and says: "Do you like romantic-minded, life-lesson-sharing piano men? Billy, Elton, or that dude from Five for Fighting? If so, try on the self-titled set from Brendan James. His brutally honest kiss off "The Fall" and "Different Kind of Love" are especially good fits." http

"James plays toward his strengths with heartfelt ballads like "The Fall" and "Different Kind of Love." But he also stretches his musical wings. The quirky "Stupid for Your Love," is a smart, jaunty tune that shows a John Lennon-esque love of word play, and James gets an assist from The Fray in "Anything For You." Two other songs address the challenges --- including the wars abroad, violence at home and economic uncertainty --- faced by members of the so-called Millennial generation." —Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courierhttp

"If men ticklin’ ivory keys while croonin’ about lost love (i.e.: David Gray or Damien Rice) is more your speed then check out Brendan James. Named a “songwriter on the rise” by Entertainment Weekly, and “the next best thing” by Page Six, Brendan James is definitely someone you’ll be hearing more from in the coming months."—Fabulishttp

"... the breezy pop love songs on Brendan James will make you positively stupid for his love."—Blurt! Magazinehttp

"And his album is quite an achievement. With intricate, well-written and performed pop songs, the album feels like the soundtrack to your own life, with the heartaches, the triumphs, trials and everything in between. You get the sense that this man is real, and not in one bit changed by his growing fame." —Static Multimedia http

"Pop singer-pianist Brendan James has a good way of expressing the profound in everyday level. On his eponymous second album, he talks in common terms about blocked or bettered relations and dealing with the reality of lfe and love. There are not songs that will become standards, but, like james' easygoing tenor, there are consistently easyto listen to." —Pittsburgh Tribune-Review http

Chart performance

Brendan James debuted at #93 on Billboard 200, making his first-ever appearance on the chart, the album also debuted at #21 on Digital Albums chart, thanks to the strong album sales in digital.

Album credits

;Performance credits

*Ben Phillips – Drums

*Ben Wysocki – Drums

*Boots Ottestad – Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Background Vocals

*Brendan James – Vocals, Piano, Drums, Background Vocals

*Brent Price – Violin

*Dan Rothchild – Bass, Bass Moog

*David Levita – Electric guitar

*Dave Welsh – Electric guitar

*Johnny Haro – Drums

*Megan Allison – Violin

*Norbert Lewendowski – Cello

*Sean Hurley – Bass

*Simon Ertz – Viola

*Stephen Sulikowski – Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Bass, Background Vocals

*Tim Pierce – Electric guitar

*Victor Indrizzo – Drums, Percussion

*Warren Huart – Bass, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar

*Zac Rae – Keyboards

;Technical credits

*Adam Ayan – Mastering

*David Chertock – Engineer

*Joe Zook – Mixing

*Ken Eisennagel – Digital Editing

*Paul Hart – Assistant Engineer, Digital Editing

*Phil Allen – Additional Engineering

*Robin Holden – Engineer, Digital Editing,

*Warren Huart – Engineer, Producer, Mixing

;Additional credits

*James Minchin III – Photography

*Rebecca Meek – Package Design

Release history


This text has been derived from Brendan James (album) on Wikipedia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0

Artist/Band Information

Brendan James is an New York-based American singer-songwriter originally from Derry, New Hampshire, but currently residing in New York City. His second studio album Brendan James was released on September 7, 2010.

Early life

James attended Pinkerton Academy in Derry for high school, then graduated in the spring of 2002 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he sang in the a cappella group the Clef Hangers.httphttp James moved to New York after college and worked at Urban Outfitters. He took a year off college and moved to Los Angeles to write songs, before going back and finishing college. He now resides in Pasadena, CA and has a loyal following in New York City, as well as across the country.http

Music career

2007–09: The Ballroom Break-In and The Day Is Brave

In the fall of 2007, Brendan self-released his EP The Ballroom Break-In produced by Mikal Blue, who has recorded with Colbie Caillat. The album charted on iTunes Top 100. The Ballroom Break-In is symbolic of the days when he first moved to New York -- he could not afford practice space so he would sneak into hotel ballrooms to practice on their pianos. After the success of his EP, James was signed to Decca Records.

Brendan released his debut full-length album, The Day is Brave, through Universal/Decca Records on June 3, 2008, in the United States,http and on June 17, 2008 in Canada. It was also produced by Mikal Blue. It debuted on the Top 10 Billboard Heatseeker Charts, with Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly, and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton all praising his debut efforthttphttphttp and was ranked as the tenth most selling folk-rock album on iTunes.http

"Hero's Song," appeared on the soundtrack album Body of War: Songs that Inspired an Iraq War Veteran.http "The Sun Will Rise" appeared in the ABC drama Private Practice in 2007, and the episode "The Bone That Blew" in the FOX series Bones.

2010–present: Brendan James

Brendan's self-titled second studio album produced by Warren Huart was released on September 7, 2010.





*The Ballroom Break-In (2007)


This text has been derived from Brendan James on Wikipedia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0

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