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New Release Special Offer

  Otherwise with Limited* Autographed CD Booklet!


Order the new release, Peace At All Costs: Deluxe Edition by Otherwise, and get a limited* autographed CD booklet with purchase!

Peace comes through struggle. It's a reward that's earned rather than simply given. It's the product of tireless work and an unbreakable spirit against all odds and opposition. Otherwise are no strangers to that struggle, rising up to become rock 'n' roll contenders in the face of a tumultuous musical climate and a series of personal hardships. The Las Vegas hard alternative rock quintet-Adrian Patrick [vocals], Ryan Patrick [guitar/vocals], Corky Gainsford [drums/vocals], Vassilios Metropoulos [bass], & Andrew Pugh [guitar/vocals]-catalog the next chapter of this journey on their second full-length album, Peace At All Costs.

The ride starts with that very title. Adrian explains, "Our grandmother used to always say it. Peace At All Costs is a double entendre. We interpret the phrase as, 'Give us peace, or we'll take it from you.' The whole point of us being on this musical odyssey is our search for peace. We want to do something impactful in the world, and we're not going to stop. We're starting with ourselves first. It's about finding inner peace and restoring equilibrium within yourself. Music allows us to do that."

In order to convey their message palpably and potently, Otherwise teamed up with iconic producer David Bottrill [Tool, Muse, Staind, Stone Sour]. Holing up in Vegas View Studios, the boys pushed themselves immensely with Bottrill's wisdom and encouragement.

The musicians also had the chance to experience the other side of their hometown while recording. Vegas View Studios sits on the edge of the Las Vegas Valley, offering a stunning panorama of the wilderness surrounding the city. "It was the most beautiful view," affirms the singer. "Most recording studios are like casinos. There are no windows. You go in, and you have no idea what time it is. We had a beautiful vista of our hometown, and it lent to inspiration every night we were working." That lush expanse carries over into the first single "Darker Side of the Moon." Building from a thick distorted guitar into a robust melody, the song blasts off on a hypnotic and hard-hitting hook, opening up the doorway into Peace At All Costs.

"I've always been fascinated with the moon ever since I was a kid," affirms Adrian. "I'm still drawn to it as a grown-up. I find myself lost in it without even knowing what I'm doing sometimes. We've faced a lot of tragedies and dark times, and that song represents us. We're always going to try and look for the light in the darkness. We'll thrive there if we have to. There's a whole dark side of the moon we don't know about, and we're going to explore it. That's what's happening musically on this album." That experimentation hits a high note during "Never Say." With its massive stadium-size refrain and rapturous instrumentation, the track brandishes undeniable universality. "It's one of two songs blatantly about romantic relationships on the album," says the vocalist. "My parents have been together for over thirty years. No matter what they go through, they refuse to walk away from each other. We completely admire our mom and dad and that loyalty. My brother and I have brought that into our own relationships. I have someone in my life who has helped pull me out of the emotional abyss I was in. She's shown me what it's like to be happy again. I don't want to be the one to say goodbye."

At the same time, the album still delivers a distinct wallop on the pummeling, riff-driven opener "Love & War," co-written with songwriters Julien Jorgensen and Matty McCloskey. Seesawing between a guillotine-sharp guitar and a distinct groove, it explodes on impact. "The guitar was just nasty," smiles Adrian. "The melody came right out. I was arguing with my girlfriend at the time, and it shaped the lyrics and subject matter of the song."

Ultimately, Otherwise do achieve Peace At All Costs, and they hope you will too. He concludes, "Our main goal is for people to feel hope. We attempted to do that on True Love Never Dies. We want to continue that fight on this and subsequent albums. There are so many emotions in life. You're not just always angry, happy, or sad. When the dark moments come, you just have to stay strong within yourself and you can make it through. We need to stay hopeful together. That's the point."

Otherwise's U.S. Tour Dates:

  • 9/11 - Pub Rock Live - Scottsdale, AZ
  • 9/13 - Whiskey A Go Go - Los Angeles, CA
  • 9/14 - Dicovery Park - Sacramento, CA
  • 9/16 - Sunshine Studios Live - Colorado Springs, CO
  • 9/18 - Q and Z Expo Center - Ringle, WI
  • 9/19 - Route 20 - Racine, WI
  • 9/20 - The Watering Hole - Green Bay, WI
  • 9/21 - The Music Factory - Battle Creek, MI
  • 9/22 - Cheers Pub - South Bend, IN
  • 9/24 - Piere's - Fort Wayne, IN
  • 9/25 - Schmitt's Saloon - Morgantown, WV
  • 9/26 - Fall Jam 2014 - York Springs, PA
  • 9/27 - WHBR Bearfest - Parkersburg, WV
  • 9/29 - The Studio @ Webster Hall - New York, NY
  • 9/30 - The Montage Music Hall - Rochester, NY
  • 10/01 - Agora Ballroom - Cleveland, OH
  • 10/03 - Perani Arena and Event Center - Flint, MI
  • 10/04 - Louder Than Life Festival - Louisville, KY
  • 10/08 - Club 3D - Beckley, WV
  • 10/11 - The Station Bar & Grill - Broussard, LA
  • 10/15 - Howlin' Wolf - New Orleans, LA
  • 10/17 - Warehouse Live Ballroom - Houston, TX

*Offer valid only with purchase of Peace At All Costs: Deluxe Edition. This special offer is valid for both domestic and international orders. CDs shipping with promotional items are limited to (5) per customer. Autographed CD booklets will be available while supplies last, will post information when autographed booklets are sold out.

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