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New Release Special Offer

  Exodus with Limited* Autographed CD Booklet!


Pre-Order the upcoming release, Blood In, Blood Out by Exodus, and get a limited* autographed CD booklet with purchase!

The original architects of the thrash metal scene, Exodus has battled every kind of adversity over the past 30 years and used it all as fuel to stoke their ever-raging fire. Short-lived trends, line-up shifts, label conflicts, even the death of founding vocalist Paul Baloff couldn't stop the beast. And through it all, guitarist and songwriter Gary Holt has persevered with misanthropic indignation, rolling with the punches, reassembling the broken pieces and working with the eccentric personalities surrounding him to create some of the most trenchant, fast-paced, and unrelenting music that influenced everyone from Pantera to Lamb Of God and continues to crush skulls at a time decades after most '80s thrash bands have retired.

With Blood In Blood Out, Exodus' tenth full-length studio album of new material, Holt, Hunting, Gibson, Altus, and Souza prove they still has the fortitude, chops, and talent to deliver top-notch, ballad-free tunes that stand out without straying from their band's core aesthetic. The title of the album encapsulates Holt's approach to Exodus: "When I was working on the record, I was sitting around watching TV series like 'Gangland' and all these locked-up prison reality shows," he says. "And I thought, 'Yeah, that's like Exodus.' It's a brotherhood. You bleed to get in, you bleed to get out. I've been doing this kind of music since I was a teenager and I'll be doing it 'til I can't physically do it anymore."

Holt has lost none of the rage and hunger he had in his teens and he's long since mastered his craft. The eleven pulse-pounding tunes on Blood In Blood Out are among Exodus' best, signaling a rebirth as much as an evolution. Although Holt has spent the last few years playing second guitar for Slayer on tour, he has never forgotten where he came from and his priority and dedication to Exodus. The evidence is written all over the album, which is rife with speed, fury and memorable riffs.

The title track storms out of the gate with chunky, rapid-fire guitars, hammering beats, and gang vocals on the chorus, not to mention the signature vocals of longtime Exodus singer Steve "Zetro" Souza, who recently returned the band. 'Salt The Wound' is slightly slower but equally fierce, with a contagious refrain that's sure to be a future crowd shout-along as powerful as the one in the band's classic 'Bonded By Blood.' 'Food For The Worms' is a six-plus-minute gem with a martial intro that segues into a speedy thrash section perfect for street brawls and headbanging alike. The rest of the song features slower mosh-worthy parts, immaculately crafted rhythmic changes, and searing guitar harmonies.

While much of Blood In Blood Out is filled with aggressive songs, hatred and violence, there were a few more specific subjects Holt wanted to address. "'Numb' was inspired by the non-stop televised barrage of death and destruction that's on a 24-hour feed," Holt says. "In the end, you're numb to it and barely shocked by anything anymore, which is really sad."

Even more political, 'Collateral Damage' addresses the monolithic power of big business and how a few top executives have gained control over most of the wealth of America. "It has gotten to the points where we're just peons in a government machine," Holt says. "We're just society. We have no say. We're just there to be swept aside. But at least we can make a lot of noise about it."

With the return of Souza, a renewed focus on writing tight, infectious songs and a commitment to remaining insanely heavy Exodus are primed to help make the thrash nation as strong as it was in the mid-'80s. Whether charging like an endorphin-fueled army or chugging at half-speed (a technique Exodus perfected 20 years before the birth of the metalcore "breakdown"), Blood In Blood Out is a showcase of steely determination, unparalleled skill, and unrefined rage.

Exodus' U.S. Tour Dates:

  • 11/11 - Fox Theater - Oakland, CA
  • 11/12 - Fox Theatre - Oakland, CA
  • 11/14 - The Forum - Los Angeles, CA
  • 11/15 - Comerica Theatre - Phoenix, AZ
  • 11/17 - Bricktown Events Center - Oklahoma City, OK
  • 11/18 - ACL Live - Austin, TX
  • 11/19 - Verizon Theatre - Dallas, TX
  • 11/21 - Hard Rock Live - Orlando, FL
  • 11/22 - The Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA
  • 11/23 - The Fillmore - Charlotte, NC
  • 11/24 - Empire - Springfield, VA
  • 11/25 - The Armory - Albany, NY
  • 11/26 - Sands Events Center - Bethlehem, PA
  • 11/28 - The Palladium - Worcester, MA
  • 11/29 - Wellmont Theatre - Montclair, NJ
  • 11/30 - Tower Theatre - Philadelphia, PA
  • 12/2 - Agora Theatre - Cleveland, OH
  • 12/4 - Egyptian Room - Indianapolis, IN
  • 12/5 - The Fillmore - Detroit, MI
  • 12/8 - Gothic Theatre - Englewood, CO

*Offer valid only with purchase of Blood In, Blood Out. This special offer is valid for both domestic and international orders. Pre-ordered CDs shipping with promotional items are limited to (5) per customer. Autographed CD booklets will be available while supplies last, will post information when autographed booklets are sold out.

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